Haagenson Virtual Solutions aims to help busy business owners reclaim their life and achieve FREEDOM within their businesses. We take ownership of cumbersome tasks, roles, and responsibilities that prevent you from showing up as the CEO of your business. Additionally, we seek to empower business owners by educating them on increasing productivity, preventing burnout, and utilizing the power of outsourcing and delegation as a competitive advantage. 


At Haagenson Virtual Solutions, we provide many services designed to address the unique demands of busy business owners. For example, services for administrative work, social media assistance, and blog content creation are in great need for those operating and running a business independently. So, we specialize in providing these in-demand services to reduce your workload and shift your focus to income-producing activities that deserve your attention. 


We do what we do because we ENJOY serving others. Our goal is for you to feel less stress knowing that the mundane operations of your business are in capable hands. We want to free you from the bondage of time-consuming tasks that add zero value to your bottom line—encouraging you to transfer your energy to the actions that matter for the growth and expansion of your business, skyrocketing you to the next level.


We focus on assisting solopreneurs and small business owners without the capacity to do it all. Our administrative and social media assistance services are popular with solopreneurs that want to delegate these cumbersome tasks and free up their time for other crucial aspects of their business. 


Choose us because the success of your business is our endgame. We take pride in every finished task and every completed project. We believe that when working for you, we’re part of something bigger than ourselves. We become your biggest supporter and fan and desire nothing more than to see you flourish and shine. If you landed your dream client, we want to know about it. Let us know if you are launching a new service you’re excited about. We care about all the little details that make your business unique.