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I'm Kathleen, an ambitious coffee lover, and creative virtual assistant passionate about serving solopreneurs and small business owners. And I'm the mastermind behind Haagenson Virtual Solutions. My passion for serving others comes from years as a service provider and manager. For over five years, I worked in a prestigious medical spa as an esthetician and assistant to the owner. It was my responsibility to provide exemplary service to my clients while simultaneously managing and overseeing various operations for the spa.

Aside from serving my clients, I enjoyed the administrative work especially building community on our social media and blog. Additionally, I discovered a knack for assisting the owner with the daily operational responsibilities for the spa.

This experience gave me a unique insider perspective regarding the stress business owners face, especially those in the spa and wellness industry.

After years in the industry and an unexpected illness, I decided to transition away from the front as a service provider and focus on the back end. And like many during the pandemic, I discovered the need for virtual administrative assistance and realized many small business owners were struggling and were new to outsourcing. That's when I decided to provide virtual administrative assistance.

By combining my managerial skills, administrative services, and experience creating content, I can take ownership of the tasks and projects that prevent independent business owners from focusing their time and attention on income-producing actions and activities.

Part of what makes my approach unique is my respect for you, the independent business owner. This respect comes from knowing I've been in your shoes and know how difficult it is. I understand the challenges you face and can sympathize. Because of my experience, everything I do is to assist you in reclaiming your time and achieving freedom.

I know that if you're here right now, you're stressed, overwhelmed, and on the edge of burnout. I want to be the one to teach you the beauty of outsourcing and delegating those unnecessary tasks that are bogging you down and preventing you from showing up as the CEO of your business.

I look forward to learning more about your business and how I can best serve you!

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