Invoicing your clients and customers is an essential part of your business. It’s how you get paid and generate cash flow. But, however important it may be, it doesn’t negate the fact that it’s a cumbersome task that takes up your precious time. 

Your Problems

Takes Up Your Time

One of the most obvious complications with doing your own invoicing is that it eats away at your time preventing you from focusing on other important areas of your business.

Sending Invoices Late

Lack of time means you're not sending invoices out promptly. This means you're receiving late payments, which interferes with your business's cash flow.

Having to Manage Outstanding Invoices

This is an unpleasant part of a business, but going back and forth with a client or customer yourself can be a headache and strain your business relationship.

Our Solutions

How It Works

Discovery Call

We'll schedule a call to get clear on your invoicing needs, current process and how you want to move forward with invoicing your clients.

Obtain Access

You allow access into your invoicing platform so we can create, and send invoices in a prompt manner.

Create A Schedule

We work closely with you to set up a proper schedule for when and how to send invoices to your clients.

Invoice Management

We manage invoices according to your schedule and preferences making sure to follow-up with clients and ensuring invoices are paid.