File Management

Digital documents and files are no different than physical ones.  They must be sorted, classified, organized, stored, and filed to keep them safe and secure. Enlisting the help of a virtual assistant to work on this task saves you time and frees you up for more important tasks for your business. 

Your Problems

Excess Digital Clutter

Lack of an organizational system leads to clutter and disorganization on your workstation. Cluttered files and documents can slow down your device and decrease productivity and efficiency.

Lack of Organizational System

Not having a system in place to classify and organize files contributes to the issue of excess digital clutter in your workstation and makes it increasingly difficult to find files and documents.

Missing Documents

Failure to sort and organize files and documents properly can cause you to lose and misplace important documents. So, you're unable to find them when you need them most.

Our Solutions

How It Works

Discovery Call

To get started we hop on a quick call to best asses your needs and preferences so we can understand how to best serve you.


Next, we get to work sorting, organizing, classifying, naming and prioritizing files.

Create An Organizational System

Once we understand your needs and preferences, we will work closely with you to create an easy-to-implement system.

Manage & Maintain

Once files are properly sorted and organized, we manage files utilizing the organizational system.